Sick bear cub is left behind his family, so police officer risks his life to save him

When you observe a mother bear and her cubs, the best thing to do is to avoid approaching them. Nonetheless, when he observed one of the cubs in serious distress, this police officer decided to put his life on the line. Eventually, the kind guy saved the tiny bear’s life!

Thomas Owens is a State Trooper with the Town of Carroll Police Department, so he’s seen a lot of bears in his time as a New Hampshire police. Nearly 5,000 bears live in the New England state. As a result, he always understood how to behave when he encountered these ferocious beasts. He was everything but careful when he saw a mother grizzly and her cubs attempting to cross a road. The cause, though, was really honorable — saving one of the cubs’ lives.

Officer Owens was on duty when he came upon the bear family. So he came to a halt and waited for them to pass, but the mother and three of the cubs kept returning and crossing again. He quickly learned why — another cub, the fourth one, couldn’t keep up with his family. It was then that he recognized something was awry. However, before the police could act, the mother bear and her three healthy cubs made a difficult decision. They got lost in the bushes, leaving the cub alone.

Officer Owens jumped out of his truck, approached the poor small critter, and stayed by his side, but not before phoning the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Department for assistance. The officer was aware of the risk since the mother may have arrived at any time and would not have been pleased to find a person near to her kid. Officer Owens, on the other hand, took the bet.

It did not take too long until help arrived. Surprisingly, the Fish and Wildlife rescue crew spotted a fifth cub, not far away, who was similarly unwell. Both cubs have been sent to a rehabilitation facility. Officer Owens joined them as well, and he even snapped a photo with the cub he was looking after. The two siblings will remain at the rehabilitation center until they are well enough to return to the wild and rejoin with their family.

Learn more about this amazing story by watching the video below!




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