Malnourished and Helpless, a Mother Dog Begs for Help to be Adopted as She Still Feeds Her Six Puppies

The sight of an animal suffering is one of the worst sights that we have ever seen. When we hear stories about animals that move our hearts, it makes it hard for us to move forward without wondering if they had a happy ending. That’s can also be the reason why we feel relieved once we see animal-lovers and rescuers selflessly help these poor animals.

A mother dog named Hope and her puppies are the subjects of this story. Hope and her children had a difficult period before the dog gave birth.

That is when an animal rights activist took initiative and visited the place where the dogs were staying. There, she discovered the terrible truth. Rescuers confirmed that Hope is breastfeeding 6 puppies at the same time. She said that she has never seen anything like this and it totally broke her heart.

“I visited feed all the dogs until I noticed that Hope, a female who wasn’t half the dimensions of her breed, could barely walk, and approached me together with her bright eyes,” said the rescuer.

Taking them one by one, she carried them. It was then when she realized there were not only six, but ten puppies, 4 of whom have died due to the cruelty that they have suffered.

Some of the deaths of those innocent puppies were caused by snake bites, others thanks to the cruel weather, though the foremost regrettable thing was when those 4 puppies died before some people could do anything for them.

Despite the fact that Hope is in a very unfortunate state, she still had to feed six puppies, doing everything she could to keep them all alive. Her weight wasn’t even half what she should have been.




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