Heroic train crew save bobcat frozen to tracks minutes before train sped by

After its rear paws became entangled on the train tracks in British Columbia, a wild bobcat found itself in a precarious predicament. Fortunately, the unfortunate animal was given a second chance thanks to a railway crew who saved it in the nick of time. Despite the fact that a train may have gone by in minutes and the terrified animal was difficult to approach, it had not been an easy rescue.
It was simply another day at the office for Coby Reid and his coworkers, who work as railroad assessors in Path, BC. As part of their daily practice, the workers began inspecting the tracks early in the morning. The squad must ensure that there are no obstacles on the rails. Except it wasn’t like that this time. They noticed something stuck on the tracks as they got closer to the Columbia River.

As the squad gathered further information, the men noticed a bobcat. Coby and his crew initially assumed the wild feline did not want to go since its breakfast– or, what was left from it– (a duck, it most likely hunted) was still in front of it. They quickly discovered, however, that the bobcat is unable to go. Its paws became stuck to the rails as a result of the intense cold.

With less than half an hour until the next train arrived, the staff realized they needed to move swiftly if they were to save the helpless bobcat. So they decided to approach the animal with caution, cover its head with one of their jackets, and then liberate it. However, the rescue proved to be significantly more difficult than they had anticipated, since the bobcat felt threatened as the crew approached it, and it was far from performing flawlessly. However, the loyal guys eventually succeed in freeing the poor animal!

“At first we approached it, and we were going to actually cover it up with a coat” Coby told Radio West. “It definitely wasn’t the cute cat that you see in the picture.”

The staff also caught on cam the rescue, and also later Coby shared an update on Facebook. “Saved this little guy today he was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail,” he states. “We got some warm water and freed him up”

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