Puppy Thrown From Car In A Bag Works Her Way Out To Sit Cornered By Traffic

A small dog was afraid in a place just off the road after the family who apparently loved her threw her out of a car in a bag. They meant for her to cross the bridge and fall into the ravine, but the dog accidentally ran into the railing. She was then able to wiggle her way out of the sack and dart across the street, says ilovemydogsomuch.

But now she sat shaking from the tragedy she had just witnessed. The three-month-old puppy had nowhere to go and no one who cared for her. But she had no idea that aid was only down the block!

Prue from Mission Paws’ible arrived and noticed the dog with the deer-in-the-headlights expression. It was difficult and risky, but she made it past all the traffic to where the dog was sitting. The dog growled at her in terror, and it wasn’t until the rescuer returned to the van to get some lasagna that the two were able to bond.

This small amount of trust between the two was the deciding factor. They could now flee this terrifying predicament and go somewhere safe. Prue already had a large number of dogs at home, and every clinic was closed at the time, so she phoned a friend. They decided to care after Ellie until she could find a permanent home. When Maria entered the picture, she proved to be precisely what Ellie required! The adorable puppy now has a mom and a lifelong home where she will never be treated as anything other than a princess.




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