This vet walks around the streets of California to treat homeless peoples’ animals for free

When there is kindness and love in the world, it appears to be a great place. And the deeds of this California-based vet are just renewing confidence in mankind. Meet Kwane Stewart, the Street Vet, a kind man who provides free animal care to homeless people.

A pet doesn’t care if you’re wealthy or poor. Their love is unadulterated and unconditional. However, due to a lack of medical attention when needed, life can be difficult for the pets of individuals living on the streets. That’s why this hero decided to step in and make life simpler for these individuals and their four-legged pets.
Image credits: The Street Vet

It all started in 2011, when the now 49-year-old vet realized he needed to do something about the rising number of homeless animals. And his objective is straightforward: to assist as many homeless individuals and their dogs as he can!

“I had a full line before I realized it,” Stewart told CNN. “There was something about it that drew me in.” I did it one more time before deciding to just take it to the street and approach homeless individuals rather than waiting for them to approach me.” Since then, the compassionate veterinarian has been walking the streets of California to assist. Even though they are tiny at times, his actions provide so much delight to the spirits of people he assists.

Image credits: The Street Vet

Stewart has treated approximately 400 animals for free over the years. However, he has set up a GoFundMe website where other generous individuals are assisting him with his effort.

Stewart claims that this extraordinary encounter taught him to see the world through new eyes and to overcome his own prejudices. “Before I started performing this work, I had my own prejudices…about homeless people,” he admitted. “You just make conclusions about their narrative without knowing anything about them.” You immediately realize that you have no idea what placed them there.”

Image credits: The Street Vet

Some of the stories, according to the vet, impacted him deeply. “I’ve heard the most authentic stories of love, compassion, suffering, and hope,” he remarked. “These homeless individuals take better care of their dogs than we do.” They become more generous when they acquire a pet. They constantly make certain that their pet is nourished.”

Image credits: The Street Vet

These extraordinary stories provide Stewart with motivation and inspiration. And this fuels his desire to achieve even more. To make a change! “Giving a little may make a big impact,” remarked the vet. His adventure will be chronicled in a TV show called “The Street Vet,” which will premiere shortly!

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