Thrown From Car, He Ran After His Master Til His Legs Gave Out & He Collapsed

Residents in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania watched an abandoned dog waiting for his owner on freezing days. The got worried and decided to call seasoned rescuer Janine Guido, founding father of Speranza Animal Rescue, who drove bent save the dog.

Guido wrote on Speranza Animal Rescue‘s Facebook page: “Ever wonder what a dog dumped by her owners does?”“Sits and watches. expecting her family to return back.”

“This dog has been expecting 5 days. For the past 3 days , since I’ve been called, I’ve been out there,” Guido continued. “She had eaten out of my hand yesterday and therefore the day before. But scoots away once I tried to leash her.”

Every time Carla would approach to the food and Guido would come closer, she quickly run away.

“Lots of individuals are flooding the world . Trying to catch her: Sadly, today is that the first time in almost every week with no sightings. She’s getting spooked. I’m praying she remains there. PLEASE if you see this dog. don’t chase. don’t feed her. don’t follow her or plan to catch her.”

Unfortunately Carla run away for a few days but a citizen found her laying on his porch and informed Guido. When he came to pick her up the scared dog dissapeared again. Soon afterwards someone called Guido and told him that she was back.

After many tries to catch Carla, Guido finally managed to take her with him. He brought her to a vet where she was examined to see if she had any inside injuries. Thankfully nothings was damaged but Carla was fifteen to twenty pounds underweight which showed that she had been on her own for a while.

Carla was covered in fleas and limping from minor frostbite on her paws and possibly some arthritis. But she won’t be left outside in the cold anymore.

Guido posted a picture of sweet Carla and wrote:
“No more sleeping under cold pine trees within the snow – tonight you’ll be sleeping during a warm and comfy home together with your family ,” “Love you such a lot already, Carla.”

After her treatments she ate some good meals and was ready for adoption!

Lovely Carla was ready again to take her walks and play with her shelter siblings.

At the very end, Carla found a family who adores her and takes very good care of her. We are very happy for Carla’s ending and we wish her the best!




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