It Isn’t Easy To Smile When You Have A Crooked Jaw, But This Cat Is Determined To Stay Positive

Earlier this year, Duchess was found as a stray, suffering from a broken jaw after being struck by a car. Thanks to rescuers, she was taken to the Adobe Animal Hospital and Clinic in Texas, where she received the necessary treatment and medical care.

As a result of the impact from the car, her jaw was broken, and most places would have decided to euthanize her if she had been in her condition. However, the hospital staffs did not give up on her, and they successfully repaired her jaw.

She was injured by the impact of the car and her jaw was broken. Most medical practitioners would have considered euthanizing her for her condition, but the hospital staffs were not willing to give up on her, and she was able to have her jaw repaired.

The doctors thought that Crystal would have the opportunity to take Duchess into her home a few weeks later, but Crystal fell in love with her right away.

Although she was suffering, Crystal fell in love with Duchess and wanted to let her live out her golden years with her. “Every single day, I would spend time with her, petting her, talking to her, and when the doctors asked if I could adopt her a few weeks later, I knew she was my soul mate.

Duchess is now living with Crystal’s new family, which includes a Siberian Husky named Joshua, a bichon named Peaches, and a cat named Oliver. She enjoys spending her days playing with her new family members to the fullest.

Despite needing some additional medical procedures after moving into Crystal’s home, Duchess has been getting stronger every day now that she knows she has a loving family.




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