Woman Wept Over Lifeless Pup, Tried To Lift Her Stiff Body And Her Paw Twitched

A lady was on her way to work on a very cold day when suddenly she noticed something strange from far away. When the lady approached she saw a dog lying on the ground. Her body appeared stiff and when the woman leaned down to touch her, she was ice cold.

The lady felt very bad and wanted to burry the poor thing properly. Out of nowhere the dog moved! The woman was totally shocked. However she was happy that the poor amimal was still alive and took her straight to the vet. The lady also named the dog Varya.

The vet was in awe when he met Varya. Her core temp was extremely low and her organs had begun to pack up . She was also during a coma.

After many tests it came out that Varya had a brain injury also as a fractured pelvis. She needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital that had the kind of equipment that were needed for her surgery.

The poor dog had to go through much pain and medication, afte IV fluids, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and pain medication, Varya finally awakened .

Thankfully her surgery was pretty successful. Her rescuer supported Varya with the best way possible. Even if she needed to be isolated for some days after the surgery , Varya got a lot of attention and love from the hospital stuff.

Finally Varya was fully recovered and ready to go to her new home with her new foster mom, her guardian angel. Varya’s unfair life is forever behind her because of a sort woman and amazing medical workers. Every life is precious and anything is feasible with faith and love.

Watch the video below!




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