Impressive story, dog with squished face finally finds loving home

Statistics indicate that around 1.5 million abandoned and abused pets are euthanized each year. It wasn’t until his current owner met Beaute , a cute Labrador with a deformed face, that he had a chance at a happy life. Because Bright Side believes that Beaux’s story is truly inspiring and beautiful, we have decided to share it with you today.

Even though he never suffered any effects from the deformed skull caused by sharing his mother’s womb with six siblings, no one wanted to buy this poor pup from his breeders. He was eventually given away, but that didn’t necessarily change his life for the better.

Beaux was abandoned in the garden by the couple who adopted him, while he was tied to a chain and never cared for. He never received affection, and he was not even treated for fleas. Eventually, after his owners decided to move, Beaux was adopted after five years with them. That’s how Jamie met him.

According to Jamie, when she went to visit Beaux after coming across the online adoption notice, she was “horrified” by what she saw. He was extremely thin, he weighed only 19 kg and he was full of parasites.

Jamie fell in love with the dog and got him treated immediately. After the infection was discovered, Beaux was too thin to receive proper treatment. Jamie then took the necessary time to help him through it, and Beaux is now happier than ever.

After being neglected for all these years, Beaux is finally getting the love and attention he deserves. And like many people, he loves tacos ! He also has an older brother, Riley , who is 15 and gets on well with him. He spends his time playing with him, walking with his human mom and cuddling.

Would you ever consider adopting a dog? What do you think of Beaux’s story?




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