Man Spends Entire Day In The Blizzard Trying To Save Dying Puppies From A Pipe

A homeless dog named Hera was gripped with anxiety after she gave birth in the unforgiving winter months on the streets of Serbia. She had to scavenge for food or keep her puppies warm and well-fed constantly because of blizzards every day. She crawled through the snow to find shelter in a cold and wet drainpipe by the roadside.

Throughout the following days, Hera was surrounded by worry about her sickly babies’ survival. She would rush out of the pipe each time a vehicle went by, begging every passerby to help. However, as no one offered her shelter or warmth for her puppies, her hopes were dashed by indifference.

An individual named Milan from a dog rescue shelter named “Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac” ventures out into the stormy roads to rescue a dog named Hera. Hera had been spotted on the road by a traveler, and Milan wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable at the shelter. With Hera’s paw prints as a guide, Milan found the pipes buried in snow.

Milan was thrilled to see Hera’s friendly demeanor, but as he discovered her soaked up puppies, his heart broke. Hera’s face glowed with hope and she ran out of the pipe as soon as she heard Milan approaching. However, rescuing the 4-week-old puppies turned out to be tougher than he had expected.

Hera’s puppies had no experience with humans, and this made them extremely terrified of Milan. Despite Hera’s assurances, they refused to budge from their uncomfortable abode for they had no idea a better life was awaiting them. With nightfall approaching, Milan had to act fast to convince the puppies out of that hell hole.

To witness Milan’s impeccable skills, watch this video until the end to see him save those puppies from that wretched pipe in the dusky hours as the light fades away. Despite the worsening weather and the puppies’ fear, he never once turned his back on them, and he went to great lengths to reunite them with their worried mother.

You can watch the video below to see Hera and her three puppies rescued during a blizzard.




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