An army veteran learned how to fly, forked $65,000 to buy an airplane, and flies across America to save more than 1,500 animals from shelters

For the love of stray animals, an Army veteran trained to fly, spent $65,000 on an airplane, and then began saving “furry companions” who were going to be put down throughout the country.

Paul Steklenski, a 45-year-old veteran from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, has always loved animals and wanted to do something to help them. It was at this point that Paul decided to devote his time to rescuing animals from shelters.

A few years ago, the generous guy rescued Tessa, a homeless dog, from a local rescue group. He determined to save as many dogs and cats as he could because he was moved by the fact that so many of these innocent souls were ready to be put down. The veteran started the Flying Fur Animal Rescue in May 2015, a rescue organization aimed to save “animals, one rescue flight at a time.”

Since then, the kind guy has saved over 1,500 animals from shelters across the United States by flying his own jet. “When I first started flying, there were times when I wanted to give up because I didn’t think I could do it,” Paul explained. “It was upsetting to see the pets at the shelter.” It was heartbreaking to think that so many animals were being [euthanized] because they were trapped in a single region.”

Paul confesses that seeing those creatures in pain causes him to cry at times, but healing them and seeing them joyful makes him feel alive. “It’s a highly emotional job, but it’s also incredibly gratifying,” the Army veteran explained. “I realized that by going down there, picking them up, and transporting them to other shelters, I might help make a difference.”

“I have a feeling they know better things are going to happen for them. It is very rewarding. It’s not only the animal it makes a difference to – that dog or cat is going to be affecting someone new,” Paul said.

You’re an angel, Paul Steklenski! Visit Flying Fur Animal Rescue if you wish to assist this hero save other innocent souls.

(h/t: DailyMail)




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