After Years Of Neglect No One Wanted Her And She Is So Sad

Delilah was a terribly mistreated tiny puppy that had to be surrendered to a shelter. The small puppy was terrified when she initially arrived, which is natural considering that all she had known her whole existence was apathy, according to

She was also an elderly dog, therefore she was given to The Mr. Mo Project, a non-profit. Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York, manage the rescue, which has seen its fair share of senior dogs over the years.

Nothing, however, could have prepared Chris and Mariesa for what was about to happen. Delilah was in bad condition. Her fur was so matted that it was cutting off blood supply to her leg, making it impossible for her to move.

As if that wasn’t enough, the unfortunate dog had a shattered jaw from a previous injury. It was evident that it was not addressed, which meant that it did not heal correctly and that none of her teeth were aligned. As a result, she could scarcely eat.

Chris and Mariesa took her home and welcomed her into their fur family. Delilah revealed herself to be a really nice puppy behind her fearful demeanor.

Chris told The Dodo of her dog’s health, “It really blew my mind how someone could have a dog like this.” Just in such deplorable state.”

Delilah’s foster family did everything they could to care for her, but her health problems were too much for them. Her front limb had to be amputated, and all of her teeth had to be extracted. However, after her procedures, she faced a lengthy recuperation period. But it was a fresh lease on life for Delilah, and she flourished!

Even without her front leg, Delilah’s individuality began to shine through, and she ended up becoming a “extremely distinct dog” even on three legs, according to Mariesa.

The small puppy quickly became a member of the family. Chris and Mariesa couldn’t imagine their lives without the small puppy, so they decided to adopt her. The pair even performed a nice little ceremony for Delilah, giving her her very own collar – pink of course! And, when she was being given with her collar as an official member of the family, her fur siblings were overjoyed to have her join them.

“She’s now the dog she’s always wanted to be, and she probably didn’t think it could ever happen,” Mariesa added.

“She was a fearful, shy, sorrowful girl when we adopted her,” the joyful family said after adoption. She is now ferocious and fantastic, and she attempts to ‘help’ me by reprimanding the big dogs for bad behavior, which she does from the back of the sofa or over my head on the pillow.”

We are overjoyed that Delilah has gotten the loving home she deserves.

Check out the heartwarming moment when Delilah officially joins her forever family:




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