Stray Drags Her Skinny Body Around With A Chain Heavy Enough To Tow A Car

We’ll never understand how anybody can be cruel to an animal. It raises our blood pressure! A wretched stray walking the streets had been abandoned and cruelly treated. Her owner shackled her up with a metal chain strong enough to haul a car! When her owner realized she wasn’t worth his time and effort, he cut the chain and let her go, says ilovemydogsomuch.

The dog had been on the streets for quite some time by the time she was discovered. She was skinny and frail, but she had no choice but to pull the chain around with her in order to get food and drink. It was devastating!

Finally, a rescue organization stepped in and saved the puppy. The poor girl was terrified. She had no idea what they were up to. She has previously been harmed by mankind. It took a lot of persuasion and a whole bag of cookies, but the rescuers were able to persuade the dog towards them and get her into their truck.

The chain was ultimately removed once at the vet facility. They weighed the heavy metal chain, which weighed a startling 10 pounds. Can you image wearing something like that around your neck on a daily basis? We, too, are unable! Especially when the dog, dubbed Marie by the rescuers, weighed barely 30 pounds. That chain weighed a third of her body weight!

Marie looked relieved after the chain was removed. Her new human companions said she even grinned. They were overjoyed that Marie could now stand up straight! The next stage was to feed her, wash her, and place her in a foster home. They are optimistic that Marie will soon find a forever home. She’s a nice dog with a big heart. We are overjoyed that Marie is no longer on the streets and is surrounded by love! is the source.




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