Hero Lab finds golden retriever trapped in sinkhole, saves her life by getting help

Dogs are such intelligent, protective creatures; they have excellent instincts and can detect danger in people or other pets.

Now, one dog is being hailed as a hero after rescuing another dog from a sinkhole in a scene straight out of Lassie: he located another dog in a sinkhole and saved her life by calling for aid.

According to Heart of Illinois ABC, Wrigley, a chocolate Labrador retriever, was strolling with his owner at Marilla Park in Streator, Illinois.

Wrigley, on the other hand, became aware of a problem.

He led his owner to a sinkhole five feet deep, where a golden retriever was stranded.

The owner summoned the fire department, who responded to the site and rescued the trapped dog. Wrigley’s foresight saved her life: he recognized her after she had been absent for a day when no one else did.

“From what I hear, this dog went into a five-foot hole and has been gone for approximately 24 hours,” Streator Fire Chief Fred McClellan told ABC.

The crew’s meticulous rescue, traversing uneven ground to dig her out of the hole, is captured on video and uploaded on Facebook.

“If you see me falling, don’t stop me.” “It occurred because the earth began to disintegrate beneath my one foot, then I walked over the hole to grasp, and then it collapsed again,” McClellan explained. “Fortunately, my engineer Tim Redd was able to securely finish getting the dog out.”

The golden retriever, called Macy, was successfully rescued. The Streator firemen were recognized for their efforts. Streator Animal Control also thanked everyone who assisted in the search.

Wrigley, on the other hand, deserves a lot of credit for saving the day by seeing Macy in the first place.

Wrigley was hailed as a hero online: “Wrigley, you are a hero!! Such a happy ending!” one commenter wrote.

“Dog and owner to the rescue! We are all so lucky to have such a caring community! Thank you to everyone who came together to save Macy!” another comment reads.

Macy was examined out by vets after being recovered from the sinkhole and is currently “doing great and relaxing.”

Thank you, Wrigley, for saving the day – I hope he gets a good steak or bone as a gift!






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