The volunteers rescued a dog and found a new home for him.

Nickie was a typical homeless German Shepherd. He had no relatives and chose to live on the street since it was more comfortable. His paw was wounded for unexplained causes, causing the dog hardship. Several individuals discovered Nickie and took him to the vet after noticing the paw. Veterinarians would gladly assist the dog, but the individuals who found him did not have the necessary funds. The clinic was unable to assist since the dog could not be cured for free.

Following this occurrence, another individual observed the dog laying in the snow on the roadway. He didn’t let his confusion stop him from photographing Nickie and posting it in a group with volunteers who aided the animals. It was because of this group that volunteers became aware of the dog. With the aid of the fund that they established, the requisite quantity of money was gathered in a short period of time.

Nickie was healed, and new owners were soon located. Many people wanted to join his new family and care for the dog. As a result, the dog was given to folks who were eager to adopt him. His new name is Marlene, as given to him by his new owners. Adaptation was not without its challenges. The household also owns numerous cats, and the cats were first displeased with the new addition to the family.

But the dog was very friendly and nice. Very soon, the kittens fell in love with Marlene and became attached to him. At first, Marlene was afraid of everything. Even the smallest things and the slightest noise. Because of this, he left the house every time. There were great difficulties in this, but the dog with a loving family coped with everything. And now Marlene lives a full life. And the dog’s paw is in an ideal condition and nothing is left of the past Nickie- not a broken paw, not appearance, not even the name.




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