Heartwarming Moments-Disabled Dogs Go To The Bleach For The First Time

A part of us is always looking for more in life and forgetting to appreciate what we have. Rather than be thankful for what we have, we grieve and we often become discouraged by the envy of others. When a person compares their life to that of others, it is one of the worst things that can happen. On the other hand, those most thankful are those who have the least to be thankful for.

African children were found to be happier than those from developed countries in a survey a few years ago. Despite not having much, children appreciate and are grateful for three meals a day, basic needs, when other children have games and things. This is also true for dogs.

Often, dogs living with their owners aren’t as happy as stray dogs or disabled dogs that live with us here. There are so many disabled dogs out there and the fact that many of them here are enjoying something that might be completely normal and part of another dog’s daily routine is amazing, this group of disabled dogs couldn’t be happier running around on the beach For the first time, Salima Kadaoui decided to take 18 dogs out of the SFT Animal Sanctuary that she founded in Tangier, Morocco, for a day trip.

Salima said, “They forgot that they have wheelchairs in this video. Their first steps are in the sand and they run through the surf as it hits the shore. We can all learn from this video.”.

As someone who watches a lot of dog videos on a daily basis, I am constantly learning from them, and one of the things I learned from this particular clip is the fact that each moment is filled with happiness. As long as this video is here for these adorable dogs, so is it for you, too. I hope it inspires others out there, specifically disabled people who feel they have no hope in life.




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