Mother deer came to visit the family to show her babies to her best friend, the retriever.

Friendship between different types of animals is usually heartwarming. However, this is a one-of-a-kind situation since the golden retriever and the deer were buddies for 11 years.

Lorry once noticed an injured deer and brought her in for a time, despite the fact that she knew nothing about caring for these creatures.

Buttons quickly became a member of the Lorry clan. She became particular friends with her amazing dog Jibro.

When it came time to release the deer into the wild, she surprised Lorrie by still coming to see them.

She couldn’t live without her family, who adored and cared for her. One of the reasons she came every day was to see her closest buddy Jibro.

When the deer needed aid, she reappeared, displayed her offspring, and seemed to want to be a part of their raising because she couldn’t do it alone.

She expected this assistance in particular from her best friend, Jibro, who immediately shared motherly tasks with her.

The dog was overjoyed when he first spotted the young deer. He adopted them and cherished the newborn deer.

The retriever entertained them, cared for them, and protected them. He was nice, friendly, and constantly licked them.

So every day, Buttons would regularly show up at the front door, as if asking Jibro to come outside.

She would even knock on the door with when no one answered her. When the door was open, she would enter the house without waiting for an invitation.

Buttons is still sure that she is part of the family and regularly visits a friend.




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