Unwanted Blind Dog Left In Lot During Storm Tried To Raise Her Head As Cars Pass

When the owner of this elderly dog decided she wasn’t worth his attention, he abandoned her in a church parking lot in the rain, says ilovemydogsomuch.

She was perplexed! She was deafeningly deafeningly deafening She had no idea what was going on or why she had been sent there in the first place. She lay on the concrete during a terrifying storm until someone drove into the parking lot and discovered her.


The Good Samaritan contacted local rescuers in Houston, Texas, who responded quickly. The rescuers were already aware that the unfortunate canine, whose they called Lucy, was in bad health. Her eyes were filled with tears as a result of the illness, and every bone in her body was visible. Lucy, an elderly dog, deserved to spend her final years feeling cherished, but instead she felt like a burden.

Lucy was taken to a vet facility, where she was diagnosed as a hospice patient. Because her health was deteriorating, medical intervention should only be used to keep her comfortable. She also has diabetes, according to the vet. The rescuers sobbed as they wished they could have brought Lucy in sooner. But, at the at least, she’d be able to spend the rest of her days feeling comfortable and well-cared for.

The rescue organization contacted a woman they believed would be ideal for Lucy. She has hospice expertise and would be an excellent foster parent. The woman paid Lucy a visit at the vet and announced that she would officially adopt her so Lucy could spend the rest of her life with her new family.

Lucy began having seizures. The vet made sure she was as comfortable as could be considering her decline. She couldn’t walk on her own but her new human friends and mom made sure she spent time lying in the grass, enjoying sunny days.

The brave dog lived for a few more weeks in a loving home. She probably smiled more in those few weeks than she ever had in her life. Lucy soon passed the rainbow bridge, and while her new family was heartbroken and mourned her greatly, they were comforted by the knowing that she left this world feeling loved and adored. Regardless of what her owner decided for her, she died with dignity. Every animal deserves to be saved!




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