Every day, an elderly man patiently waits by the water to see his best friend!

Humankind has been inextricably linked with the animal kingdom from the beginning of time. What has survived to the present day. Many of us can’t even image what it’s like to live far away from the hectic city life we’ve all been accustomed to, but there are still many people who live considerably deeper into the grid and in tranquility. Spend your time in the outdoors.

Seppo Laamanen, a 65-year-old guy who lives alone in a nice cottage in a Finnish woodland, is one example. Seppo was never lonely despite living alone since he was always on good terms with the animals who resided close to the front entrance. Most importantly, there is one otter with whom they have the strongest relationship. There isn’t a day that goes by that Seppo isn’t visited by a four-legged companion. Every morning, I look forward to seeing my grandfather!

Every day, an elderly man patiently waits by the water to see his best friend! 💓

It all began a couple winters ago. Seppo was taken aback when he discovered a little animal begging for food on the pouch. It was so cold outdoors, and the lake was almost entirely frozen, that it was nearly hard for a young otter to find anything to eat. Seppo, being a generous man, offered his rare visitor fish, and by the way, he was prepared to take him with him. It was the start of an amazing friendship. What became well-known when someone chose to share information about these two friends on the internet.

A friendly otter is now lounging at Seppo’s residence. The older males are overjoyed to be there. Now that winter has arrived, Seppo ensures that there is enough food in the cupboard in case an otter buddy decides to bring a furry acquaintance along with him.

To understand more about this endearing story, watch the video below.




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