Puppy Looking For Home Sits In Shelter Smiling At Everyone Walking By

According to kingdomstv, meet Burreaux, a lovely black Labrador puppy who did his hardest to grin at everyone who passed through the kennel in the hopes of being adopted.

Courtney Wingate, the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, discovered the three of puppies one day while strolling through a local animal control center and realized she couldn’t leave them there.

She took all three puppies in, but it was Burreaux’s endearing smile that drew her attention.

As a result, Courtney contacted volunteer Sarrah Walton, who came to the rescue and named the puppies after three Louisiana State University football players.

The three were whisked away to the veterinarian for normal examinations, and everything appeared to be in order. Burreaux, however, became unwell when they returned to the rescue facility.

They quickly returned him to the animal hospital, where he was treated and made a full recovery.

Sarrah began to observe Burreaux’s big smile whenever someone spoke to him in a high pitched voice after the three returned to the rescue facility.

He would flash his small teeth in a wide grin whenever someone called him a nice kid. Sarrah, speaking to The Dodo, said:

“It’s whenever you’re chatting to him sweetly… He smiles like though he’s looking for something. “It’s as if he’s saying, ‘Come pet me,’ or ‘Come adore me.'”

When the pups were ready for adoption, the rescue determined that the best way to find them a permanent home would be to share their exceptional skills on social media.

Joe was a natural at fetch and was promptly adopted once a video of his abilities was shared.

The shelter’s staff decided to post a video of Berreuax flashing his wide lovely smile to demonstrate his kind personality.

‘Burreaux wants a home so badly that he’s always smiling, trying to sweet it up,’ we were thinking. As a result, we shot the video.

You can watch the adorable video below:

It was a huge success! With over 1 million views, he went viral and found himself a permanent home!

This article first published on kingdomstv.com.





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