He saved a man’s life at the cost of his own. The story of the self-sacrifice of the dog Sharik

A group of Russian guys worked in Liberia, one of the African countries, and the dog Sharik served as both their security and buddy.

Dogs are extremely scarce on this continent and are solely recognized as a source of food. Sharik was one of them, and his destiny was sealed, but the Russians ransomed him and warned the locals not to kidnap him, and that anybody who offends Sharik will suffer the consequences.

The ball grew healthy and friendly, befriended chickens, and for a long time did not even try to attack one of them; instead, he protected the chickens from wild birds, driving them away with his barking, and the dog became a true man’s favorite.

Sharik also saved one of the employees, Anatoly, from a snakebite one day. He was on the phone at the time when he heard a dog barking from behind him and turned around to see a poisonous snake right next to him.

However, the dog barked, diverting attention away from her, and the snake attacked her, rescuing Anatoly. She was promptly rewarded for her bravery with a threefold ration of sweets. When the guys saw Sharik was unhappy and sluggish in the morning, they assumed he had the plague, and when the dog became worse in the evening, they gave him medication.

By the fourth day, he was weakening and hiding from people, and it became clear that the dog was dying as a result of being bitten by a snake. In Africa, finding a veterinarian was nearly hard, and conventional doctors were few.

They were uncomfortable that Sharik had sacrificed himself, and they could not help. The ball waddled heavily to the pipes, and there he hid from his masters. By morning, the dog was no longer visible and was not found. The dog, as dogs usually do, sensing the imminent exodus, went away from everyone.




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