“She won’t be able to walk…” the doctors told the weeping lover: the dog decided to try

Faith has always been the favorite of the family, and the owners could not get enough of her. Lively, agile and very graceful dog loved to play and run. But a little more than a year ago a terrible misfortune happened to her: Faith suffered a severe stroke. The bleeding was so severe that it involved many parts of the brain …

Doctors examined the dog and arrived at a disappointing conclusion: the pet will never be able to walk. Moreover, its head will not rise, so the best course of action is to put it to sleep …

Hannah Lee, a 30-year-old American woman who resides in Atlanta, was overcome with tears as she listened to this news report. She just could not believe that her beloved dog cannot run, jump, or, for that matter, even take a single step.

“When Faith suddenly fainted in our backyard, we had no idea what was happening!” – Recalls the girl. “The vet explained everything and it just sounded horrible. We were told that she had a stroke and the prognosis was bad … “

The pet’s owners decided not to give up and did not euthanize the pet after hearing the doctors’ verdict. They called doctors for help and pleaded for them to try as much as possible to save the dog.

It took Faith three weeks after having a stroke to take her first steps. They were very unsteady, the dog swayed, but she was still moving! Day by day, she became stronger and healthier until she was able to walk without assistance.

It’s worth noting that the success of the treatment wasn’t just due to the doctors – Hannah and her family also took an active role in saving the dog. They gave her a massage, exercised her limbs, and literally lived on a schedule so someone could stay home and care for the four-legged patient.

The dog slowly recovered and a year later, he was already running around the yard and catching up with the brother he lives with in the house – Aberdeen.

Faith’s owners say that the dog is not as fast as before, but she is still the same happy and cheerful dog she has always been! Her character has not changed, and she is still so happy!

Aberdeen has not moved away from his sister in any way, but Hannah is sure that the dog has helped his sister in many ways. And, of course, Hannah urges all owners not to lose hope, but to believe in the best!




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