Deer Playfully Romps In The River But Is Ignored By Her Doggie Friend

Deer are typically timid creatures which flee from any other species in their presence. They have a tendency to isolate themselves. It’s in most wild creatures’ nature. There are occasional exceptions, such as when a newborn fawn is nurtured in the presence of others.

The deer in this video has been given the name Daisy by the uploader, and she appears to be older and more mature. Her enormous energy indicates that she is not a bashful individual. The deer is ready to play and is running around with vigor. Yukon, on the other hand, is more interested in going through the stream and searching for objects. He doesn’t dislike the deer; he just has more pressing matters to attend to today.

The irony of it all is that Yukon is quietly dipping his snout underwater in search of new rocks to add to his collection. “Yeah,” he’d say if he could speak. Yeah. Cool, you’re having a good time today. But, if you don’t mind, this rock collection isn’t going to grow on its own. Thanks.”

Daisy, the deer, is ready to play with her pal Yukon, but he appears to be bored. When Yukon and his father go on walks, the two darlings appear to have become friends, and they frequently run and play together for a short time. Yukon, on the other hand, was unconcerned today and was instead preoccupied with his rock collection.

Other films of them are available to see as well; these tend to show them interacting more than what Yukon was interested in on this particular day. Which do you think is the cutest? The deer or the dog? It was difficult for me to make a decision.




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