Heartbreaking Letter Found Next To A Lonely Dog Tied To A Bench

The love we have for one other sometimes necessitates a great deal of sacrifice, and this child was willing to give up his life for his puppy in order to ensure that he was secure and cherished. This Mexican child could no longer take seeing his beloved golden retriever being beaten by his relatives, so he took the defenseless dog and tied him to a park bench in the hopes of being adopted. He also left a message with the dog to explain why he made such a difficult decision.

When several locals observed the fearful dog, they offered him water and food before asking for assistance. Marcela Goldberg and Azul Galindo from the Pet Coyoacan animal care department came a few minutes later.

“Several neighbors came together and offered him food and water because they didn’t have anything to tether him to the bank,” Marcela explained. “However, they were unable to approach the puppy because poor baby was so terrified.”

The rescue squad also uncovered a message in addition to the bound dog. The note, which was initially written in Spanish, reads:

“Hello, please adopt me: Max,” says the narrator. Please adopt this adorable puppy and take excellent care of him. It kills me a lot to leave my dog here, but I had no choice because my family used to torture him and it was always painful to see him in this state. Please adopt and care for him if you are reading this and his heart is fluttering. If that is not possible, please leave this remark instead. So that it might be read and adopted by others. “Thank you very much.”

The dog, who is roughly 8 months old and was originally afraid and bewildered, calmed down as he understood the rescuers had good intentions. Marcela’s ability to cut the chain had a significant impact on his mindset. The single dog was then transported to the Pet Coyoacán facility for treatment. Also, his name has changed to Boston, and he is currently looking for a loving family to adopt him.

“He will no longer be known as Max,” the rescue organization posted on Facebook, “since he is waiting for a new existence free of the remains of his old life.” “Only love in life in Boston from now on because it is love.”




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