Matted Dog Ceaselessly Glares At Cars For 2 Years Hoping Her Owner Returns

No animal should be abandoned, yet that is just what happened to this sad dog. Her owner died, and she was abandoned in a run-down house with a barred gate. That was more than two years ago. The devoted dog, now in serious need of grooming, waits for her owner to return day after day.

Animal rescuers were finally called in when they heard about the dog a lady down the street named Boksil. She became aware of the small dog and pity for her. Once a day, she feeds her. It started raining as soon as the rescuers arrived. They were heartbroken for the puppy. They couldn’t get to her since she was behind a barrier.

The woman from down the street came over as the rain began to fall. The rescuers assumed Boksil was her dog, but she revealed what had transpired instead. The dog is also extremely shy, making catching her practically hard. The woman explained to the rescuers that she could only assist her from afar. Boksil isn’t going to let her get much closer.

The rescuers wanted to figure out a way to catch Boksil. She was in desperate need of a second chance and a new home. They set up a camera from a distance and watched to see how Boksil leaves the house. She climbs out and makes her way to the food and water. Thankfully she’s able to eat.

They watch as Boksil creeps beneath the gate after a few nibbles and some water. They can now approach her if she agrees. Boksil walks across to the road, her thick matted fur strewn across her lap, and sits down. It’s a devastating sight to behold. She watches as each car goes by, hoping that one of them would come to a halt and bring her owner home.

The rescuers devised a strategy to save her the next day, knowing it was impossible. They approach, but Boksil bolts up the neighboring mountain as soon as she hears them. This dog had already been abandoned too many times, and this would not be the last! The rescuers pursue her, desperate to apprehend her and make a difference in her life. Please watch the video below to discover what happens next. It’s far too nice to pass up!




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