Shelter Staff Shares Heartbreaking Photo To Show What Happens To Unwanted Dogs

Michele Boggs works at an animal shelter and is responsible for the dogs that come in every day. However, owing of overpopulation, she had to say farewell to a large number of them. According to, she published a dramatic photo along with a text written from the perspective of the dogs sleeping in the bags in front of her.

It’s a stark reminder of what’s happening in shelters across North America as a result of irresponsible dog owners who don’t spay or neuter their pets, don’t take the time to properly care for and train them, or cruelly use them for profit or companionship only to abandon them when they’re no longer wanted.

“The lightly worn leash you left will go to another puppy.” My collar was filthy and overly tiny, but before sending me to the Rainbow Bridge, the lady removed it.

“If I hadn’t eaten your shoe, would I still be at home?” It was leather, and it was on the floor, and I had no idea what it was. I was just having fun. You neglected to purchase dog toys. Is it possible that I would still be at home if I had been housebroken? Rubbing my nose in what I did simply made me feel bad about having to go.

“You might have learned how to train me to go to the door from books and obedience tutors.”

“Would I still be in my house if I hadn’t brought fleas in?” I couldn’t get the fleas off of me without anti-flea treatment after you left me in the yard for days.

“Would I be at home right now if I hadn’t barked?” “I’m terrified, I’m lonely, I’m here, I’m here!” I was merely saying. “I’d like to be your best pal.”

“If I had made you happy, would I still be at home?” Hitting me didn’t teach me how to do it. Would I still be here if you had taken the effort to look after me and teach me proper manners? After the first week or so, you didn’t pay attention to me, but I spent the rest of my time waiting for you to love me.

“I died today. Love, Your Puppy”

After Michele wrote and shared this, she added that the shelter workers she knows are affected by what happens. “Every one of us at the shelter who take care of these babies daily…cried for every one of those dogs…some of us gave them a final kiss…one of us shared their lunch with a dog they grew to love…but we all shed a tear for them…it isn’t their fault…yet they pay the consequences.”

She also cautioned, “If you don’t think this really happens…you aren’t living in reality…they die daily…thousands.”





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