State trooper rescues scared, neglected puppy left behind on interstate

Often, people don’t care what happens to their pets if they just abandon them in dangerous situations.

An abandoned pet was helpless stuck on the interstate in heavy traffic after being abandoned by her owner- until a caring state trooper had the perfect solution to reach safety.

Indiana State Police trooper Allison Marlowe noticed an unusual traffic jam on I-65 on Sunday. She thought there had been a crash but soon realized the jam had been caused by a dog.

There was a huge young puppy running in and out of traffic, which caused all 3 lanes to come to a halt.

According to The Times of Northwest Indiana, the dog was now hiding beneath a camper, scared at the entire situation.

Witnesses reported a van was seen dumping the canine off on the side of the highway,” Indiana State Police composed on Facebook. “She shows signs of disregard as well as is really slim.”

Cannon Fodder Marlowe is a self-described “massive pet individual,” and was therefore the best person for the job. It’s no wonder that the pet was terrified and confused by the whole ordeal, as well as in need of some love and compassion.

” I would certainly not state every [cannon fodder brings pet dog treats] but there’s a great quantity of them that do,” she informed the Times.

“I’m like, ‘pet dogs are mosting likely to be encouraged with food’ so I got some treats, a collar and a leash … as well as it can be found in use [Sunday]”.

She was able to coax the dog to safety with the help of her Pup-Peroni pet treats bag and also a number of spectators.

Pet Control of Lake Region collected the dog and placed it in Marlowe’s patrol car.

According to the Times, the overlooked pup finished the whole bag of treats while on the flight.

The trooper called the pet “Grace,” and she’s now finally receiving the care and attention she needs, along with a new, better house soon.

” She has actually been … placed at a local animal shelter for treatment and also with any luck fostering to a delighted permanently home,” the Indiana State Police created.

Thanks to Cannon fodder Marlowe for conserving Poise! This poor dog has to’ve been horrified, but with a little kindness she was able to get to safety.

We wish this pet dog locates a permanently home quickly!




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