Heartbroken Cat Won’t Stop Crying After Losing Her Litter Of Kittens Until She Starts Nursing Puppies

It’s true that some people are born to do something. Kathryn was born to be a mom, so when she lost her kittens, she was utterly heartbroken.

The poor cat was inconsolable after losing her kittens, so Izelle Marallich took her in at Langebaan Animal Care in South Africa.

Her tears continued to roll down her cheeks and she just wanted to be held so she could receive and give affection.

“She cried a lot and she needed affection a lot. She was on top of us, wanting to hold us, she needed to be touching you the whole time while she slept, which was was heartbreaking,” Marallich told The Dodo. “We didnt get much sleep during that time.”

Kathryn had a difficult time adjusting and Marallich had no idea what was wrong with her, writes heavenofanimals.com. But everything changed as soon as a litter of abandoned puppies arrived at the rescue.

“They were just unwanted. Only when they were drooped off we realized they were about 3-weeks-old, so they needed some milk still,” Marallich explained.

That’s when Kathryn started taking an immediate interest in the pups.

“She wanted to be with the pups. She just started meowing around them walking, circling them, circling them. And I kind of thought she was playing with them. And then just licking them,” Marallich said.

Marallich said the puppies were confused by this at first until they realized Kathryn’s affections were comforting. Eventually, the puppies started nursing from Kathryn.

“We never thought of her nursing the puppies, I don’t know, it didn’t cross our mind. That was the first time she stopped crying. It was fascinating,” Marallich said.

Kathryn’s whole demeanor changed when she was able to step back into her role as a mom.
“It was first time she stopped crying and she was just in heaven as soon as she met the puppies,” Marallich said.

Katherine finally settled in after the puppies arrived. Marallich was relieved as she hadn’t realized Kathryn was sad because of the heartbreak of losing her kittens.

“She would, day and night, just lie with them. She would just lie in between them, clean them, she would lick every one of them,” Marallich said.

Kathryn also had a very adorable little mom quirk. She would always hold her babies.

“It was the cutest thing. She had to be affectionate the whole time. It was so cute to see,” Marallich explains. “She’s an extremely affectionate cat and she’s drawn to dogs quite a bit.”

Even Kathryn’s old dogs in foster care have found new homes. Her puppies have also been adopted into homes that have cats as well. And sometimes Kathryn even has her puppies visit her.

Suddenly, thousands of abandoned kittens began to arrive at the animal rescue after Kathryn’s puppies left. This helped Kathryn adjust to motherhood again.

“She’s now got two new little ones she’s mothering and she’s loving it. She’s doing such a good job but she does have a home eventually when she’s finished nurturing them,” Marallich said.

The director of Marallich’s shelter has spoken highly of Kathryn.

“I think it was just unusual for her to take on a totally different species and just automatically wanting to take care of them. When there are little ones and they need to be taken care of an animal doesn’t care about if its a dog, a cat, or whatever it is. I think the mother instincts just come through which is amazing. “Without us forcing it or asking she just naturally wanted to take care of something like a mom and I think that’s what makes it special she clearly has to be a mom

Here is a video of Kathryn the cat nursing her baby puppies!




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