Deserted Pit Bull Rescued From Parking Lot becomes Proud Officer K9

Much has been said and written about the stereotypes connected with pit bulls, and it appears that more and more people are realizing that canine behavior has less to do with heredity and more to do with how the owner reared him.

However, we still have a long way to go before we can influence how most people perceive Pit Bulls. The fact is that many people still believe these dogs are naturally violent. That’s why they’re reluctant to be in close quarters, even with youngsters. This is why, when they see a Pit Bull approaching, many people cross the street.

That is why we require more tales like this one. The narrative has the capacity to challenge preconceptions, demonstrating that it is never acceptable to judge a book by its cover or to assume that something is true simply because it has been stated many times.

Kiah, New York State’s first pit bull police officer, is the protagonist of this inspiring narrative. He, like many other dogs, was abandoned at a grocery store parking lot by his prior owner. The owner just discarded him as if he were something that might be tossed away if no longer required.

Fortunately for Kiah, he managed to change his life and complete a program to train the rescued Pit Bull to become a police k9. These amazing workouts are great because they serve multiple purposes.

They are particularly effective in removing more canines off the streets and providing them with the opportunity to live a happy life. Second, by providing more eyes (and feet) to keep people safe in the neighborhood, they assist to make the streets a bit safer. Pit bulls have been quite frequent at the K9 in recent years, much like Leonard, Ohio’s first pit bull police officer.




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