Dalmatian Puppy With Front Legs Cut Off By Dog-Meat Slaughterhouse Finds Loving Home

Today, too much focus is placed on nutritious eating, which is understandable given that we need to pay attention to what we eat in order to feel healthy. Food options were previously restricted, but people, although consuming meat, did not attempt to feed their guard dogs.

Today, we have virtually everything; despite limited resources, the market provides us with the most various things that we may utilize as part of daily intake.

Many people prefer to avoid eating meat in favor of healthier alternatives. Every culture has its own traditions, and we all consume various cuisines, but I feel that most of us do not strive to incorporate pets into our diets.

We’ve seen on social media several times how, in China, an increasing number of individuals are selling dogs on the underground market as part of the people’s daily diet. I’m not sure if this awful deed will ever end, and the prospect makes me nervous.

Misha Rackcliff Hunt, 27, a guest service coordinator and dog enthusiast from Charleston, South Carolina, acquired Emma Roo, a three-year-old abused puppy, on April 26, 2020.

In 2017, a puppy called Emma was saved from a butcher in Xi’an, China, when she was around eight weeks old. Her front legs had been amputated, the tops of her ears had been shaved, and a portion of her tail had been taken.

It is thought in the dog meat trade that chopping off a dog’s limbs without anaesthesia produces adrenaline, which makes the remaining flesh soft.

Emma was rescued and taken to a vet in Beijing, where it was suggested that a minor toe defect might cause breeders to reject her. Emma was hospitalized for the second time in two years, but she ended up in the clinic in 2019.

Rescue teams from a South Florida non-profit organization have been looking for the Dalmatian’s owner, knowing that adopting rescue dogs overseas is more common than in China.

When Misha came across Emma, noticing her on the Internet, he immediately formed an unbreakable relationship with the cute puppy.

After the torture, the puppy was afraid of any sounds of a chainsaw such as a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and lawn mower.

Fortunately, Emma landed in the United States on January 28, 2020, only a few weeks before animal exports were prohibited for COVID-19.




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