Man Spots Two Frozen Puppies in Box and Rushes to Save Their Lives

People are harsh. ty knows no bounds. This time, some insane people tried the unimaginable. They put two helpless pups in a crate next to an empty lot.

Fortunately, a passerby noticed the box and was intrigued enough to approach it and discover what was inside. To his horror, the two helpless pups were nearly chilled to death.

Despite the fact that they were both unconscious, the type guy realized there was still a chance they may be resurrected. He rushed them to the nearest animal center since they were running out of time.

The puppies were in terrible condition. However, the workers at KC Pet Project were willing to go above and beyond their ability in order to preserve many of the little animals.

“We are glad today for a number of reasons.” “We’re grateful to the person who discovered the box in the photo above in an abandoned lot, which contained two puppies, and brought them to the shelter for care,” KC Pet Project wrote on their Facebook page. “When they arrived, they were unconscious and were immediately transferred to our veterinary facility.”

“Freezing and severely dehydrated, we’re thankful for our veterinary team who worked for hours giving these puppies fluids and dealing to warm their little bodies up to urge to normal levels,” they continue. “We’re thankful to the canine care team member who took them home for overnight observation and continued with their care.”

Thanks to the team’s dedication, the puppies pulled through.

“We’re relieved to announce that they survived, and that they need to eat and relax this morning.” We’re also grateful for any and all donations to our Roadrunner Medical Fund, which allows us to provide treatment to puppies like these at KC Pet Project.”

“They will now be observed for a couple of days to ensure they are stable, after which they will be sent to a family for rehabilitation until they are ready for adoption.”

They like delicious meals and snacks, especially gruel, now that they are feeling better.

“It’s safe to say they had a good time,” says KC Pet Project. “So much so that they were wearing it.”

Although many of us who came across this news expressed interest in adopting the puppies, they are still extremely young and can only be placed for adoption after they reach the age of 8 weeks.




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