Adopted Puppy Returned To Shelter A Week Later

A New York family went to their local shelter and found the perfect puppy to complete their family. They adopted an adorable black and white puppy. At last, the puppy was headed to his forever home. Everything was going great, but then a week later everything changed.

The beautiful dog named Brody was settling in nicely in his new home. However, his family noticed a week after they adopted him that he was suddenly having trouble breathing and not eating. Concerned, they brought Brody to their vet to be examined.

The family was devastated when the vet returned to tell them that Brody had a “serious grade 5 heart murmur” which required immediate treatment from a cardiac specialist. Even though they only spent a week with Brody, they loved him and wanted to take care of him.

Due to financial constraints, the family was forced to seek help at the shelter. They arrived in tears and explained their situation. Brody’s family was reluctant to give him up, knowing that he would most likely be euthanized.

“The family, with 2 young children, were still sitting outside of the shelter in tears, praying that something could be done to get their pup the medical care that he so desperately needed.”

SCR responded an hour after the plea stating that they would cover the cost of Brody’s medical treatment. The lethargic dog was immediately brought to Blue Pearl Specialty Hospital to receive treatment. Brody had just found a family that would love him forever, and SCR could not let this be the end.

“We realize that unexpected emergencies happen, and when you have a family who loves their animal, we will always try to do everything in our power, to keep that animal with the people who love them,” posted SCR.

“They are good people who care deeply for his well-being.” Brody is still in the emergency room receiving treatment. SCR is giving Brody a second chance at life with a family that loves him.

Thank you to everyone from the rescue who has donated to help care for Brody. We are able to help dogs like Brody thanks to donations. Over 100 people have donated to help care for Brody.




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