Dogs’ wishes were granted after their owners built a door in the fence so they could play at any time

When there is a lot of love between them, they may need to add more family members to absorb that excess love. That’s what happened to Haley Graham and her husband. They met a new family in the form of a cute four-legged dog with a moist nose.

Potato, or Tate, was a stray dog that had been living on the street when the couple discovered her. Tate’s luck wasn’t on her side for the first few years of her existence, but when Graham adopted him, their fortunes began to change.

Its existence turned out to be its neighbor’s dog, Vernon. There was a high fence between them, but the two dogs knew that friendship was waiting for them across this border.

Vernon and Tate began constructing a tunnel beneath the fence after becoming tired of the mystery and excitement of meeting a dog over the fence. Their owner tried to stop them, but the two dogs refused.

Haley considered arranging a play date for the two dogs and devised a plan to keep her fence while also making her favorite canine happy. But then she had a bright idea: the dog door.

Haley had her father construct a dog door on the fence so that the two dogs could play whenever they wanted without digging holes or involving their owners.

Haley hopes that this inspires people to be more open and pleasant with their neighbors, as they were at the dog door.

Tate couldn’t be happier or more pleased with her adored family and her best friend who pays her regular visits.




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