Fractured Street Dog Still Nursed And Loved Her Babies As Best She Could

Nothing can stand in the way of a mother’s love, writes the ilovemydogsomuch

This story exemplifies that. She took exceptional care of her babies even after a stray dog was severely hurt by a vehicle. Despite the fact that her leg was shattered and walking was difficult, if not impossible, she continued to follow her puppies about and make sure they were fed and cared for.

The streets are a dangerous place. Especially when there are busy highways with fast-moving vehicles. Dogs are compelled to cross such streets in search of food, water, and shelter. Many people are hit and suffer life-changing injuries. Strays are common in impoverished regions, and many are permitted to go on despite being injured.

Even though sitting down was uncomfortable for this mom dog when she was discovered by a rescue group, she continued to milk her pups. She never pushed them away, which was remarkable given how often puppies are rejected! Despite her leg being damaged in many places, Mama kept her two puppies clean with her kisses and followed them while they scurried around.

Finally, rescuers arrived and took the small family to their clinic. The vet took x-rays and determined that Mama required surgery. This was costly, and the rescue organization had to pool all of their resources to pay for it. Mama underwent her operation the next day thanks to contributions. Volunteers kept an eye on the puppies, who were quite well-behaved.

Mama never grumbled about the operation since it was a success. She was a soldier even when she was sleepy and in discomfort, despite being on pain medicine! Her new human pals were astounded that she was so kind and welcoming despite having spent her entire existence on the street being passed by and neglected.

Mama’s pups were carried over to her after she was in recovery and her leg was in a cast. They were overjoyed to find that their mother was safe. She kissed them and they cuddled up against her. While volunteers remained the night, the small family slept.

Soon it was time for Mama and her babies to go to a foster home. She will spend some time there while recovering and then she and her puppies will be available for adoption. We pray they find loving homes. Their lives on the street are forever in the past thanks to kind rescuers. To see their full story, check it out below. Thank you to all those who saved this precious family.




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