Shelter Pit Bull Won’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued And Adopted By Loving Owners

Meet Meatball (Meaty), a pit bull mix who is currently having his finest life in California with his loving family. With over 160k followers on Instagram, he even becomes a celebrity.

His life, however, was not all sunshine and rainbows. Meaty had to spend his days in a Central Valley shelter before finding a lifelong loving home and gaining online popularity.


Thankfully, a kind-hearted woman named Lisa Reilly rescued him and gave him a second chance in life.

She first saw him in a photo posted on Facebook by Fresno Bully Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter in California, she said.

Reilly said, “Well, he looks like a bowling ball.” “It’s difficult to see how small he is in person, but he’s like a Mack Truck, low to the earth and broad.” When we originally acquired him, he would simply slam into you like a bowling ball of dog fat. As a result, he was dubbed ‘The Meatball,’ or just Meaty.”

Lisa’s heart was warmed by Meaty, who reminded her of her former dog, Kitty, who had died of a horrible illness. As a result, she decided to bring him home and provide him with the love and care he so sorely required.

“Fresno Bully Rescue did a great job nursing Meaty from the first time I saw him until I was able to bring him home,” Reilly told The Dodo.

And he hasn’t stopped smiling since he was rescued from the shelter. Punky and Ricardo Tubbs, her other rescued pit bulls, as well as dachshunds Bitty and Dappe, soon connected with him.

“One benefit to having a fat dog is that he’s extremely treat motivated,” Reilly explains. “He’s also extremely toy motivated and loves to play. So he’s willing to ‘work’ for any toy or treat, which makes taking pictures of him so easy.”

As you can see from the photos below, Meaty is so happy, and the wide grin on his face is all natural!

“He’s genuinely a mama’s boy, though,” Reilly remarked, “and simply wants to be near to me all the time.” “It’s fantastic to have, though, because when he’s around, you can’t have a terrible day.” I defy anyone not to grin when they’re near him.”

If you love Meaty and his friends, you can follow their Instagram to update their daily life and their adventures.

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