Student refused to leave Ukraine without his rescue dog

The war has prevented Indian student Rishab Kaushik from evacuating to India, and he refuses to leave without his rescue dog Malibu. The government kept denying his flight without the dog’s paperwork.

Kaushik was studying software engineering at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Engineering. He’s in his final year of college, and he adopted Malibu during his time in Ukraine.

When Kaushik realized the situation in Ukraine was unsafe, he planned to return to India. The government asked for documents he couldn’t get since most places in Ukraine were closed. Eventually, He posted a video sharing his story, hoping someone could find a way for him and Malibu to escpae.

After seeing his plea, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reached out to the Indian goverment and convinced them to allow pets on flights. With more lenient pet travel restrictions, Kaushik was able to safely fly to India with Malibu by his side.

Kaaushik and the other students who traveled to India are devoted to their dogs. No matter how difficult the situation got, they were unwilling to part with them.

Thank you so much for taking him with you when you evacuated Ukraine. I pray that all the people of Ukraine and their beloved pets may be spared. I am so grateful he and his beautiful pet could leave and are now safe. You are a caring man! Thank you PETA!