Man passed away, leaving tiny puppy with empty bowl & a sign round his neck- dog stories

A four-legged companion can mean the world for a homeless person. Pets are often their only source of comfort and compassion, in a hard and unforgiving reality. This homeless man from South Asia was made to leave his tiny puppy with an empty bowl and a sign around his neck, before stop and he ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ, leaving the puppy behind.

The puppy was rescued by a local farmer who rescues unwanted dogs and puppies whenever possible. He drove for a few hours and found the puppy exactly where his owner left him, still with the sign that reads ‘I am hungry’ around his neck.  Due to the area’s poverty and the fact that most people struggle to feed themselves and their families, many people failed to notice the helpless animal. The puppy’s eyes lit as soon as he saw the kind man. He instantly sensed that the farmer was there to help him. The man gave the pooch some food and water that he inhaled in seconds. He was very hungry.

The pup was introduced to two more litters of puppies at his foster home, where he played with the other puppies the farmer had rescued and brought to his home. Although a bit timid at first, the pup soon became friends with the other puppies.

The lonely pup is now a part of the pack! Every pup takes a turn to greet him. It’s so heartwarming to see this puppy, all by himself, said goodbye to his struggles for good! The farmer calls the vet the next day and the puppy is examined and then vaccinated.

We are so happy to see that this puppy can finally say goodbye to the struggles he faced all on his own, for good! It is inspiring to see how this selfless man cares for the animals first, despite not being able to provide for himself.




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