Old Dog With Fatal Wound Stuck In Gate, Watched Everyone Walk Past & Not Care

Dotty’s rescuers estimate that hundreds of people walked past her, while she suffered, and no one cared to help, wriets ilovemydogsomuch This tragic scenario is indicative of too many strays and not enough money to intervene. But should lack of money mean a lack of compassion?

Maggots were growing inside her wounds, so she tried to pass through a gate that was closed. She underestimated the spacing between the bars and lost. After spending hours stuck at that gate, the old and crippled girl was finally rescued when someone with a heart called for help.

Dotty was helpless and in pain when the kind folks arrived. They couldn’t imagine how scared she must have been, trapped and alone. She had no choice but to wait while she starved. Quick action was required. Her wound was badly infected and she was losing her life!

They tried to push Dotty through the gate every which way and came close to freeing her but her bony body was ultimately trapped. They needed to remove the bars and free her. They finally did!

When the rescue center was reached, Dotty was immediately taken there. A beautiful sanctuary that houses many animals who have nowhere to go, also has the best medical care in the area. At last, Dotty was safe. Her wounds were treated instantly by the veterinarian. It was in such grave condition, it was close to taking her life.

They dressed her wound then put her in a safe place where she could rest. They gave her IV nutrition, antibiotics and pain medication.

Dotty understood she was finally safe and cared for. People that rallied around her wanted nothing more than for her to make a total recovery.

Her body was strong despite what she had been through and being an older dog. She made tremendous strides quickly. Her spirit also won the hearts of the volunteers. What a lovely person!

It’s amazing how she harbors no ill will even though humans have ignored her for years. She’s doing great, despite her scarring! Her strength has returned and she can now participate in normal dog activitiesHer sanctuary will continue to care for her.d. She has a place to live out her golden years. A place where she will be loved and appreciated, no matter what!

To see Dotty’s rescue story, play the video below! Thank you, Animal Aid Unlimited! We are so grateful for all that you do!




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