Invisible Stray Pleads For Help But No One Cared, Woman Stops To Say, “I See You”

Homeless animals face hardships we can only imagine. Besides needing food, water, and shelter, they need humans to look out for them, writes ilovemydogsomuch

It’s especially hard for stray dogs in busy towns and cities. They have to contend with busy roads and people who are too hurried to notice strays in need.

A dog who was seriously injured knew he needed human assistance. Although his injuries were mostly superficial, he was in a lot of pain. People often ignored his cries for help when he walked up to them, either too busy to help or not interested. But the dog didn’t give up.

Even though he must have felt hurt and defeated, the dog still had faith in humans. Finally, a nice person with a kind heart stopped to help the sweet dog. His tail wagged a mile a minute! He was so happy someone was finally petting him and talking to him. It was at that moment, he realized he would be okay if this kind human took him with her.

And she did! The dog was loaded into her vehicle and brought to a local vet clinic. The vet confirmed that his injuries were more painful than serious. But what concerned him most was how dehydrated and malnourished the stray was. It was imperative that he got IV fluids and a really good meal.

The vet and his staff made the dog comfortable and gave him pain medication. The vet realized due to being hungry and in pain, the dog hadn’t slept! As soon as he was comfortable, the dog slept for hours! To see him lay his head down comfortably, while he finally felt safe, was so touching.

One of the clinic workers continued to pet him and love on him so he would sleep as much as possible. Then it was time for him to eat again! As soon as he saw the delicious bowl of food with lots of healthy broth, he was in doggy heaven!

Once discharged, the woman who rescued him promised to keep him on a healthy diet. He might be adopted if the woman fosters him. His life on the street would be over. She promised him she wouldn’t break the promise. Knowing how many people walked past this dog without helping is disheartening, but we are relieved that he is now okay. Please do what you can to help if you see a dog in need.




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