Tiny Dog Gets Viciously Mauled By 2 Larger Dogs, But The Vet Won’t Put Him Down

A couple of San Jose cops made their way in the torrential rains to rescue a tiny dog named Mr. Snuggles who was being viciously attacked by 2 large stray dogs. After much struggle, the cops were able to ward off the aggressive dogs, but Mr. Snuggles had collapsed from his injuries by then. His stomach was completely torn off due to bite wounds and dirt and debris were seeping into his intestines.

After being rushed to the vet at the local shelter, the dying dog had no pulse in his lower body. As the vet examined the wet baby, she applied heat pads to his wounds. According to the results of the examination, Mr. Snuggles had a traumatic abdominal hernia, an avulsed tooth, and several other contusions. There was no other way but to put him down since he was in extreme pain.

But despite the odds, the vet assembled a team to operate on Mr. Snuggles’ multiple injuries. After dealing with the internal organ damage, she put the dog on heavy antibiotics to prevent the wounds from becoming septic. However, there was still no movement in his left hind leg, which indicated that it had to be amputated in the future.

Mr. Snuggles didn’t seem like he would pull through at all, but he shocked everyone with his stunning recovery! Using his sheer willpower, the little fighter even managed to use his left leg again! The vet not only cancelled his amputation, but also reached out to a rescue to find him the best foster home for further recuperation. Seeing Mr. Snuggles walk and flourish again at the end of this video just made our day!




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