Unwanted & Blistered Puppy Turns Into “Adorable Gremlin” With Permanent Smile

When Abby was surrendered in a little box, the shelter workers had no idea what was wrong with her. She was so tiny and covered in blisters. Her skin was raw and the little dog was petrified. She was only eight weeks old. She desperately needed a medical foster home but finding one isn’t always easy, writes ilovemydogsomuch

It was obvious that this puppy had a true fighting spirit. Even as she laid still, her body weak from her health issues, her tail would wag back and forth when she heard her name. Dina stepped up to be her foster mom. She knew immediately that despite all of Abby’s challenges, the little girl had the will to live.

Multiple tests were done and the vet wasn’t able to pinpoint the problem. There was no explanation. Abby was diagnosed with a rare skin condition. Thanks to him, she could be treated.

Amazingly, once Abby was on the right treatment, she improved quickly! She began to eat well and she even wanted to play with her foster mom and the other dogs in the house. What a huge difference! Abby’s personality also began to blossom. The little girl would try to snatch her foster mom’s food straight from her mouth. While she didn’t exhibit the best manners, at least she was eager to eat.

She learned how to play fetch from Dina. Abby also learned how much fun it is to go on walks. She couldn’t wait to join her new doggy friends and go on adventures, discovering the outside world.

Dina describes Abby as an adorable little “gremlin” as her scabs and scars prevented her hair from growing back in as she grew into her adult body. Her adult teeth also came in and her underbite was distinctive, making her look as if she was always smiling.

Once medically cleared, Abby was able to find her forever home. And she did! Love and Rescue is an amazing organization that stepped up and took Abby from the shelter in order to save her life. Dina, like many medical fosters, is a hero. We are so grateful that these wonderful humans exist. See Abby’s complete story below. She’s truly a little doggy warrior!




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