Three Heroic Teenagers Find Motionless Dog On The Side Of The Road And Save His Life

In Acadia Parish, Louisiana, three young boys were about to have their characters tested and become local heroes in the process, writes spotlightstories.

Whilst out on a carefree bike round around the town, the three boys spotted a motionless pup laying by the side of the road. The poor pup was lying completely still in the grass with his head down when the boys noticed him. They all quickly got off their bikes to investigate the situation further.

In the grass, three boys saw something as they biked down the road. The boys, who were in their early teens, knew the dog was in a dangerous situation – and they acted fast. They had no idea howThe dog was too weak to move and in need of medical assistance, but they didn’t know how long he had been outside.

The boys then reached out to Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue, who quickly rushed to the scene. In an effort to protect the pup from any further harm, the boys used their bikes as a makeshift barricade to ensure no cars drove too close to the distressed pooch.

They did everything they could to keep the poor pup as calm and comfortable as possible while they waited.

After taking a closer look, the boys realized that the dog was in bad shape

He appeared to understand that the boys were there to help him, despite being too exhausted to move. His sad eyes always held a glimmer of hope as he glanced up at the boy. The dog’s injuries were quickly assessed by the rescuers before he was taken into the car. Luckily, the dog was rescued not long after the rescuers arrived.

Then he was taken to a shelter where he received some medication to ease his pain and he was able to receive a better assessment of his injuries.

The injuries he had sustained, suggested that he had been struck by a car, with fractures to his leg and hip. It’s almost certain, without the intervention of the heroic boys’, the pup would probably have died all alone in the grass. While at the shelter, the staff nicknamed the pup “Wade” but soon discovered that he already had both a name and a family of his own.

His true name was Taz, and his family had been missing him for over a week.

Taz’s heartbroken family was overjoyed when they got word that he’d been found, and Taz was incredibly happy to finally be reunited with the people he loves. The family was obviously incredibly grateful to the three boys who had saved the life of their precious furbaby.

We can all learn from the selfless actions of these young boys by looking for ways to lend a hand to anyone in need. What shining examples they are for us all.




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