Desperately Exhausted Dog With Jar On Head Laid Down & Started To Suffocate

An injured stray wandering around a local region was reported to a rescue group. This was not your ordinary phone call. The stray dog needed more than simply rescuing to get off the streets. He had to be saved or he was going to die. A jar was trapped on the stray’s head, making feeding and drinking impossible. The poor puppy was gasping for air!

Rescuers attempted to catch the puppy, but he kept running until he hid beneath a bridge and collapsed. The animal rescuers felt they had no alternative but to tranquilize the puppy with a compassionate tranquilizer dart. He rushed off again after being shot by the dart, this time into a busy street. Cars rushed by, their sirens blaring. He was pursued by the rescuers. When the anaesthetic wore off, the exhausted dog sat down and waited for assistance.

Finally, the dog was cautiously taken up and a special instrument was used to remove the jar from his head. Even though the dog was medicated and groggy, he managed to express his appreciation to his rescuers with a few licks. The puppy was loaded into their vehicle now that it was in good hands. He was returned to the animal shelter. He was overjoyed to be given a proper supper and a glass of clean water. Adopters came up to see him after the rescue organization shared his tale on social media. Within a few days, he had found his permanent home!

The sequel is about another dog that is in a similar scenario. Because stray animals are so anxious for food, having their heads stuck in a jar is not uncommon. To say the least, it’s heartbreaking. For more than two weeks, this poor dog had been walking about with his head stuck inside a plastic jug!

After he ran away from them many times, the rescue team had to track him down. They were fortunate enough to corner him in a big field. Knowing he had little energy left, he ultimately succumbed to the nice humans. They also utilized a unique technique to release him from the container. He is presently safe and well and has returned to their refuge. We’re very relieved that both dogs are unharmed! Scroll down watch the video to learn more.




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