Vultures Swarm To Dying Neglected Puppy And Wait To Peck At Her Carcass

There’s nothing quite like a flock of vultures circling the skies to make you feel uneasy. Their presence, which is generally a portent of imminent mortality, is never good. Ilovemydogsomuch says that they fly in that particular rhythm, ready to swoop down and peck at a carcass below.

That’s why a snapshot of a Pit Bull puppy named Lilo in her small dog home surrounded by vultures was not only weird, but also frightening!

The image sent a message. The vultures were well aware that this puppy didn’t have much time left. She was abandoned and bound helplessly to a nearby tree. She had nothing but her little dog home and little hope. It was only a matter of time until she became their next meal for the vultures.

Rob Brown of the Greensboro News & Record, the photographer who captured the shot, very certainly saved Lilo’s life. Lilo’s owners left her there despite this wonderful shot. They were unconcerned about the implications or the motives of the vultures.

Thankfully, others did care. Animal control arrived at the home and took custody of Lilo. Her owners didn’t answer their door so they left them a note, telling them where Lilo was being taken. As if they cared.

It was clear from away that Lilo was in serious trouble. She was bare-knuckled and suffering from pressure sores as a result of lying on the ground with nothing to comfort her. The Merit Pit Bull Foundation seized possession of Lilo after it became clear that she would not be returned to her original owners.

She was put with Keana Lynch and her boyfriend, Travis Henley, in a foster home. Lilo’s new foster parents worked hard to get her used to living in a house right away. She’d never been inside before, and while it was intimidating at first, she quickly adjusted.

Lilo was also put on a calorie-dense diet. For the puppy, getting consistent meals was a whole new experience. She also discovered what it felt like to be loved. Every dog should have this pleasure on a daily basis! Her foster parents’ other dogs were overjoyed to have her join their pack.

Soon, Lilo’s foster parents realized that she belonged permanently with them. They proudly became foster failures and officially adopted Lilo. They couldn’t imagine letting her go. And we can’t blame them.

The devastating shot that went viral four years ago has now been updated. Lilo is having the time of her life. While we wish she hadn’t been in that circumstance in the first place, we are relieved that it is now a thing of the past for her.

Click play on the video below to discover more about Lilo and her rescue.




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