Abandoned Pit Bull Gets A New Lease On Life Thanks To A Kind Mom

Our hearts break for any dog that has been abandoned, but there are certain dogs who are abandoned, mistreated, and maybe abused on a regular basis. blog.theanimalrescuesite.

That was the situation with Daenerys, who was left alone in an apartment that had previously been her prior owner’s.

Nobody knows how long she was left in the flat, but when they found her, she weighed barely 25 pounds.

Someone had arrived to change the locks, thankfully, and had informed a foster pet mother of her existence.

Tara is Daenerys’ new foster human mother, and she has given the pit bull more than a new home; she has given her a new lease on life.

She was in bad health when she was rescued, but she has since recovered and is now a loving, lively, and healthy dog. Tara said that she had never snarled or been scared in any manner. She only desired to be scratched.

Nobody is really sure how old Daenerys is but they think she is around seven years old. For a dog this healthy and living in such a great home, it is hopefully just a drop in the bucket when it comes to her happy life.

Daenerys has found a lovely forever home with her new mother after we shared her story. They’re having the time of their life together and have no plans to split up anytime soon.

Her new mama’s name is Daenerys, but she wants to be addressed as Miss D. Miss D has an Instagram page where you may follow her.

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