Hikers Rescue Dog That Was Trapped On Mountain For 6 Weeks After Hearing Her Cries

One dog, 14 years old, spent 6 weeks alone on top of a hill before being rescued.

The pet’s family members made it across the side of Mount Bross in Colorado, albeit the younger pet she ran away with gkt back, Chole unfortunately did not. The family searched everywhere but to no avail.
This is the point at which a complete stranger enters the tale.
Trinity Smith spotted the item on the Facebook page of the mountaineering/hiking organization 14ers, which stated that someone had listened to a pet dog grieving atop Mount Bross.

The lady was determined to learn more, so she climbed up the hill in pursuit of the pooch.

Yet, the woman recognized that she just heard the dogs barking but did not see her, she needed assistance to save the dog.

Trinity and her companion Sean Nichols elected to trek the hill once more in the early morning, and this time they spent 4 hours calling the dog. They refused to give up, and after rising much further, they eventually heard a faint bark.

“I started handing over, thinking she wouldn’t make it through the evening,” Trinity told CBS News. “After that, I heard that small bark, and my adrenaline started pumping again.”

When they finally found Chloe, she was unwell and afraid.

“We got her!!!!” exclaims the group. When they found her, Trinity made a post on Facebook. “Sean Nichols and I finally took this sweet, fearful, hungry woman down to security after hours and hours of screaming and climbing.” For nearly a month, the poor youngster was stranded on the roof. Chloe’s owners waited carefully after returning down with her to see whether this was their dog, which had been missing for six weeks and had escaped with another neighborhood dog. They believed their 13-year-old child was gone for good after a month of browsing.”

“We eventually carried this nice infant directly to security after reports of a pet dog wailing and two days of rushing beside a 14er,” she added. “This unfortunate creature has been stuck on a precipice for more than a month.” She was formerly a 90-pound dog who now weighs 26 pounds. We’re relieved to get her down from the mountain and back with her owners!”

The owner of Chloe informed 9NEWS that their dog is recuperating but still needs longer to advise over this frightening ordeal.




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