Pup Poked Her Head Out From Tires And Man Cried At 1 Look Of Her Bony Body

Takis, a well-known dog rescuer, has never turned an animal away. He makes it his duty to visit places where pet owners commonly dump their animals. Takis Shelter is situated in a harsh world. People leave their pets for a variety of reasons, but no matter what the cause, it is never appropriate. Dogs, especially those who have been raised as pets, are unable to survive on their own.

A stunning Pointer was abandoned in a dump. Takis had gone there to look after a bunch of dogs when he noticed her small face peeking out from under the massive truck tires. Takis came closer, but the dog was clearly terrified. She returned to the truck’s undercarriage.

The poor puppy seems to be scared. She was used to being inside a house, but now she was outside in the weather, surrounded by loud barking dogs and strange surroundings. Takis yelled her name. He yearned to assist her, but every time he came too close, she would retreat. She dug a little further beneath the vehicle this time.

It wasn’t going to be simple. The seasoned rescuer then blew his characteristic whistle and bent down to look less intimidating. When he approached a little closer, the dog appeared to be shocked. She had to have been abandoned here recently and had no idea what to do! Takis extended his hand, pleading with her to come out and see him.

Takis was finally able to approach the terrified dog and touch her. It was unquestionably a triumph! Takis gave the dog the name Luna. He requested the assistance of one of the workmen in transporting Luna to his vehicle. Takis only realized the full scene when the man scooped her up. This dog was severely underweight and undersized. She should have been double her current size. Takis’ blood was boiling since she had clearly been famished!

“Look at that!” Takis said to the worker. She’s nothing but skin and bones.” It was upsetting, but Luna was now safe and secure inside Takis’s truck. It was past time for her to return home. Takis was eager to feed Luna. He had no clue how long it had been since she had eaten. It wasn’t long before he realized how long it had been. She gorged herself on food and drank to excess! The poor girl was on the verge of starvation.

Luna was allowed to display her real colors as she settled in. Takis is still in awe of how content she has become. Luna enjoys getting into puppy mischief and, when she’s pleased, she enjoys doing those doggie zoomies! Everyone’s hearts are warmed by seeing her dart about!

Luna is still looking for her forever home. If you are interested or know someone who may be, you may reach out to Takis Shelter directly. Their email info is in the video below. We are so grateful for Luna’s rescue. Without Takis, she wouldn’t have made it.




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