The abandoned Boxer Dog was tied to a lamppost and kept waiting with sad eyes.

Graham Dobson, a local resident, was driving to work when he came upon a sad and fearful dog tethered to a lamppost along the roadside. He fed the dog and waited for his owner to come back and fetch him. Unfortunately, the callous owner did not return after many hours, and the unfortunate puppy was abandoned.

So Dobson instantly dialed the dog warden’s number to have him picked up.

The sad dog appeared to be waiting for his family to return, but he knew he had been abandoned and had no idea why his family had abandoned him. Dobson only wishes for a lifelong home, which he so richly deserves.

“It was devastating to see how distressed he was because he was such a wonderful dog and so sociable.” He was quite frightened. I’m not sure why people would just abandon a dog. Dobson remarked, “I adore animals and don’t want to see them abandoned or abused.”

Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue are now caring for the boxer. They renamed him Max and are seeking for a nice home for him.

“Max is doing really well and has gone to stay with a highly experienced foster family, where the family is assisting us to examine and care for him,” the rescue said. “As you might guess, there has been a flood of interest and applications for Max, but for the time being, we believe it is better to focus on his care and further examine his requirements.”

Right now Max is being showered with love, and he will soon find his forever home. We hope that he is never neglected or mistreated again.




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