Broken-Hearted Pup Eaten By Fleas Curled Up On Road, Too Weak To Keep Going

He curled up in a ball and his little heart just broke..the tiny puppy layed alone in the middle of the road. People passed by however noone made an effort to stop. We all know that every life is important! We all know that every life is worth saving!

The little boy was so weak. He was covered in numerous fleas on his poor body. Every flea that drank his blood contributed to anemia. This baby needed help and fast!

He curled into a ball and his little heart just broke. He felt worthless but that was all close to change!

A woman working as a rescue worker in the field heard about the puppy and ran to the place he was. She picked him up carefully and noticed that he not only he had fleas but also Demodex scabies. He had to be examined by a vet immediately!

They had to determine how anemic he was. They started treating scabies with antibiotics and daily medicated baths.

The puppy began to feel safe, especially with the lady who saved him.

She called a friend who agreed to adopt the puppy. Once he was medically cleared, he was ready to go right to his new mom’s home.

A year later the little pooch is no longer tiny, but he is certainly happy! We are thrilled that he is doing so well and his past is where it belongs, permanetely behind him.

His little broken heart is now whole again. Review his rescue below. Keep in mind that every homeless person struggles to survive.




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