Man Screams For His Wife When He Sees A ‘Bag Of Bones’ Walking Through His Yard

In this narrative, the dog is a great fighter. Homeless animals have several challenges, and while Billy would not have lasted much longer on his own, he was still battling for his life. While strolling by a couple’s residence, Billy was noticed by them.

Bill was sitting at his computer when he noticed Billy outside his window. He called for his wife to come over and see the situation. “That’s not a deer!” said Bill’s wife Krista. “That’s a dog!” exclaims the narrator.

The pair took quick action. They asked for assistance, and a rescue squad arrived to look for the starving white dog in the adjacent woods. Finally, his little head appeared! Billy was transported to the veterinarian right away. The dog was severely malnourished and dehydrated. He was so fragile, he was nothing but skin and bones.

Krista and Bill lingered at the vet’s office. In the video below, Krista describes how she fell in love with Billy right away. The sight in his eyes, the suffering he was in, everything that drove him to keep fighting– all of these things bound her to him for the rest of her life.

Billy was ravenous. He wanted to consume whatever he could get his hands on. However, the medical team realized that if he wanted to keep the weight off, he’d have to eat slowly. No one knew if he’d make it, but he had a lot of supporters cheering him on.

Things, on the other hand, were looking up the next day. Billy was battling valiantly, and the intravenous fluids and nourishment were assisting him. He was able to move about more freely. His sluggishness was dissipating. The only drawback was that his medical expenditures continued to mount. The pair was completely taken aback. The “Saving Billy” fundraising was started at that time. The entire neighborhood was eager to lend a hand! It was simply incredible!

Soon Billy was well enough to leave the vet. Krista knew she wanted to be his foster mom and there was no way Bill, her husband, would be able to dissuade her. Like we said, Krista and Billy had that instant connection.

Billy was overjoyed to be leaving the vet, but adjusting to life at home would be difficult. Billy required a particular diet as well as physical treatment. It required a lot of dedication, but Krista never wavered.

Billy gained weight as the days passed, and he began to feel at ease. He also had new canine siblings! Billy and one of his canine brothers, Remington, grew inseparable.

Seeing Billy on this journey only reaffirmed what Krista felt in her heart, this dog belonged with them forever. It was then Billy officially became a “foster fail.”

Billy is finally living the life of his dreams. In the great movie below, presented by The Dodo, you can discover more about his new family and his adventure. We are overjoyed that this beautiful canine has been given a second opportunity. Krista and Bill, thank you very much!




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